OSTİM Technical University is a brand-new university located at the heart of OSTIM, Turkey’s largest Small Business Manufacturing hub in Ankara, TURKEY. OSTİMTECH is founded on a half-century long manufacturing capabilities.

In an increasingly competitive world, OSTİMTECH differentiates itself through hands-on, high-tech, and world-class education enriched with the experience of the thousands of real-world manufacturing companies surrounding us. Most education institutions have a hard time in establishing themselves within real world manufacturing even after decades. OSTİMTECH will overcome this long lasting dilemma of higher education.

Higher education must provide university students with this in mind, there is a swift global shift for third generation universities to solve real world problems through research; thus, playing a major role by linking the emergent AI (Artificial Intelligence) based high-tech industry and the labor market. Right from the beginning, our students are introduced to enterprises providing hands-on-experience with on-the-job training accompanied by “Intern Mentoring.”

OSTİM Technical University is located in an area surrounded by more than 15.000 enterprises employing 200.000 blue and white collar workers, 3 techno-parks (co-founded by 9 universities) & 9 sectoral clusters. Our graduates are given the experience and market-readiness to prepare them for their field and/or to start their own business in the future.

Currently, three Engineering Programs including Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering; one Economics and Administrative Sciences Programme, that is, International Trade and Finance; and six Vocational School Departments including Mechanic, Electronic Technology, Logistics Administration, Mechatronics, Digital Media & Marketing and Information Security Technology degrees have been launched. All of these programs have varying degrees of scholarships based on need.

Please apply to the program of your choice per your interests. For any questions, please contact us at io@ostimteknik.edu.tr

OSTİM Technical University