Application for Associate and Undergraduate Degree Final Registration Documents:

Candidates must apply in person for registration. An unauthorized copy or photocopy of the documents requested for registration is not accepted. If deficiencies are found in the documents, no registration is made.

  1. Original of High School Diploma and Notarized Turkish or English translation of High School Diploma
  2. “Equivalency Certificate” showing that the high school diplomas of the candidate is equivalent to the diploma obtained from Turkish High Schools. (This certificate must be obtained from the Turkish Ministry of Education or from the Turkish Embassy of the country where the candidate resides).
  3. Candidates must obtain an “Education Visa”from the Turkish Embassy  where the candidate resides.
  4. Original transcript and certified/notarized English or Turkish translation of the transcript from Turkey or Turkish Embassy of the candidate’s country.
  5. Candidates must declare the original or certified copies of the documents they uploaded from the online application screen.
  6. The original copy of the passport and notarized copy translated into Turkish.
  7. Bank receipt showing that the Contribution / Tuition Fee has been deposited to the relevant bank.
  8. For departments in Turkish Language (Candidates who cannot submit B2 level TÖMER certificate are required to take the Turkish proficiency exam to be held by OSTİM Technical University Language Teaching Application and Research Center) the candidates who do not pass the Turkish exam must study Turkish at our University for 1 (one) year.For departments in English language, the candidates will be exempt from English School if they have the grades from the exams herebelow: IELTS – General Average 6,5; TOEFL IBT – 70; YDS/e-YDS – 75; YÖK DİL – 75; (Cambridge English Language Assessment ): Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) : C; Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): C; PTE (Pearson Test of English – Academic) – 70KPDS  75; ÜDYS – 75. (Candidates who cannot submit these documents are required to take the English proficiency exam to be held by OSTİM Technical University Language Teaching Application and Research Center). Candidates who do not pass the exam must study English at our University for 1 (one) year.
  1. Approved copy of Residence Permit taken for education and Foreign National Identification Number. (The requested documents are delivered to the International Student Office within 1 month from the registration date).
  2. Two 4.5 cm x 6 cm photos taken in the last six months in such a way that the candidate can be easily recognized,
  3. Original and photocopy of the Blue Card for those using blue cards.
  4. Certificate of identity register copies of candidates with dual nationalities. (The document must include the date of transition to second citizenship.)