We will learn together and produce together, because the world is waiting for us.

OSTİM Technical University offers high level education, research, application, project infrastructure and opportunities in international competence for students, academics and stakeholders to discover their potential to create value for humanity in close cooperation with the business world, industry and society. While realizing this, within the framework of its superior knowledge and equipment, national and human values, it designs, builds, lives, trains innovative, entrepreneurial individuals, takes responsibility for increasing the science and technology development competence of our country, and also works for our country and regional development by producing original projects and solutions.

As OSTİM, which has been producing value for more than half a century for the economy and development of the country and the world, we are honored to present OSTİM Technical University to the service of our nation and the whole humanity, which is the symbol of our deep faith in the human producing and the transfer of our production experience to future generations.

The most important new feature of this century is the development and spread of knowledge which has reached such a fast speed that was never seen in human history and this speed is going to accelerate further together with learning by doing and experiment is a renewed discovery. We are the first to witness the turn of tradition from memorizing practice transferred from adults to young generation, from the experienced to unexperienced, from seniors to new-comers, a turn towards self-update to common learning from joint experimenting and bringing dept to the tradition, the teacher and the taught, being beneficial to the producer and simultaneously being a part of the same experiments and solutions, sharing the knowledge and being able to jointly manufacture products. We have opened our arms to the youth from anywhere in the world without any bias and we excitedly wait to witness and see our youth to learn and apply what they learn.

With this realization, OSTİM Technical University has at the center of its approach towards education and learning, keeping our students at the top, of all academicians, entrepreneurs, workers, and all who are a part of our concerned fields, to discover the individual of experience in design and entrepreneurial risk taking potential and to target establishing an echo system that supports this. Our Bord of Trustees that consists of very experienced and valued leaders of Academia and Industry, is continuously working to grow and expand this modern and entrepreneurial education center through national and International academic and economic cooperation.

This echo system, on one hand offers to our students, studying in all the fields OSTİM Technical University, the opportunity to access the real information sources in accurate and universal form, and on the other hand, will ensure profitable returns on their learning and develop with the spirit of sharing the required equipment. At OSTİM Technical University, we firmly believe for each and every one of our students, right from the first day, on one hand working on self-developed design and manufacturing and on the other hand not to be just an onlooker in their economic and social life but by being active, will find their years passed in the university to be the most learning and enjoyable experience in the start of their professional life.

With this belief, we invite all our youth, to come many steps nearer to their ideal and to jointly design, create and live in a livable new world, to start their work life with OSTİM Technical University.

The world is waiting for you.

With Regards,


President of OSTİM Technical University Board of Trustees

President OSTİM Management Organization