Ostim Technical University was founded in 2017 by OSTIM Foundation, Ankara, Turkey. The university was established to form a strong cooperation between the business world, industry and society; to discover the full value creating potential for humanity of students, academicians, and other stakeholders, creating possibilities through higher education of international standard, research, implementation, project infrastructure; with its high level of knowledge and equipment, designed within the framework of human and national values, catering to those who work and live, have creativity, and entrepreneurship; taking the responsibility of the development of education and technology in our country; to strive for the development of our country and our region by creating original projects and solutions.

Main differentiators of OSTİM Technical University are as follows: it is a higher education institution in the heart of business, industry and public sector; it is a third generation, entrepreneurial and innovative university; it sets “internationalization” as one of its main goals; it provides on the job training with applied education model for the students; it forms a university culture giving priority to skills, knowledge and behaviour; it offers a higher education model selecting research, innovation, entrepreneurship, social benefits and development as the baseline; it utilizes theoretical knowledge built with a versatile practical approach, a training system based on learning by experience; it takes entrepreneurship to forefront and focuses through an innovative perspective to produce unique projects and solutions; students of OSTİM Technical University graduates with work experience; it provides scientific research with modern manufacturing areas and equipped laboratories, it plans career of student from past to future; with the concept of a university of industry; it forms a strong cooperation betweeen industry-business world and society; it meets the requirements of competitive business world and contributes to social responsibility projects that increase social awareness.

As part of its strategic plan, OSTİM Technical University is committed to increase its excellence in teaching, innovation and research and will foster links with leading research institutions abroad to stimulate research through exchange of academic staff and to provide experience for students through study at these international institutions. Internationalization mission in line to Bologna actions, both in quantitative and qualitative terms is an important aspect for OSTİM Technical University. Through participation in the EU projects our university is committed to reinforce the quality of higher education by combining the expertise and knowledge of universities from Europe.

Whilst carrying out our plan, we will follow our ethical principles covering; supremacy of law, academic and scientific freedom, freedom of thought and expression, respect for community values, tolerance to differences, academic integrity, to act in accordance with research and publication ethics, commitment to ethical values, justice, transparency, accountability, responsibility, equal opportunity, be against hate crime, non-discrimination among members due to gender, social class, ethnicity, political opinion, religious belief, geographical region or country.

Apart from student and faculty exchanges, increasing the implementation of international cooperation projects will also be another important aim of OSTİM Technical University for its internalization policy. OSTİM Technical University, which focuses on innovation and production—perfecting learning and responding to the requirements of the community, aims at being one of the leaders in the higher education system. Expanding the University’s international linkages, bilateral and multilateral programs of mobility, participation in joint research projects together with partner institutions will be one of the top priorities for OSTİM Technical University. With this aim, in order to support projects, Project Development and Management Office which facilitates technical assistance, consultancy, auditing, monitoring across the university, will be in close cooperation with Erasmus Office of OSTİM Technical University.

Increasing international partnerships and number of international students, implementing a developing and sustaining high quality education system, taking part at international projects, developing competitive curriculums, being an innovative and entrepreneurial university and sustaining the higher place of OSTİM Technical University at international ranking systems are the commitments of OSTIİ Technical University.Being a part of this programme OSTİM Technical University community will be honored by the benefits of the opportunities of border education provided by European Commission. Erasmus will support international learning opportunities and knowledge alliances between higher education institutions to promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship by offering new learning opportunities and qualifications.