Dear students, Respected parents,​

The main goal of OSTİM Technical University, which aims to be the “University of Industry”, is to train graduates who have transformed science and technology into practice. We will achieve this goal through strong cooperation with the business world, industrialists and the public sector, where we are located. We will support these advantages with an international standard in education, research, application infrastructure and equipment. We aim to play an active role in industry and economy branches that we prioritize, especially in innovative technologies and entrepreneurship models. As a principle,
our university has determined to train qualified human resources for the future of Turkey.​

In line with this determined principle, we will do our utmost to ensure that our graduates have the knowledge and equipment required by the competitive business world, have a wide vision, learn at work, ask and seek answers, produce creative ideas, produce innovative designs and produce what they have designed, have entrepreneurial spirit, work with the team, take responsibility when necessary, work to gain professional competence, have high cultural awareness, assimilate human values, and beneficial to society.​

OSTİM Technical University is a “third generation” university. While the “second generation” university targeted more scientific research and education with the effect of the division of labor after the 18th century, the transformation of the developed information into practice and production was left to the companies. This situation has caused university-company cooperation to decrease and the distance between them gradually increases. The “third generation” or “entrepreneurial university” has an approach that eliminates these solid walls for the benefit of the society and places the university at the center of the production and innovation process together with the companies. In the age we live, “education and training” alone is not enough to educate students theoretically. Both students and academicians are expected to increase their patent, utility model, industrial design and brand development capacity, innovate, contribute economically through entrepreneurship and commercialize on the basis of university-industry cooperation. In this direction, we will carry out our science and technology studies in a coordinated manner with the industry, with the understanding of “Entrepreneurial University”. We will produce original projects and solutions. With our strong academic staff, we will develop the necessary mechanisms to enable the transformation and commercialization of the information produced. We will strive to become one of the leading universities in its field in the world by working for the development of our region and our country. I wish success to our students, academic and administrative staff.​

Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek
OSTİM Technical University​